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Allen Simmons

Welcome to the site. That's me to the left, a photo taken in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast, where I lived twelve years and was part of a crash effort to build an industrial city from barren desert. In some places in the Middle East, cities in turmoil are becoming deserts but that's been going on forever. Back in the U.S. I now write books. The first two were co-authored with my friend and colleague, Dr. Doug L. Hoffman: The Resilient Earth is about our climate, the science of it and our fate as a species. The Energy Gap discusses why we have an energy problem and a sensible way to solve it. Also, click on the words under my photo, which will take you to the Resilient Earth Press and you will learn what Doug and I are all about. It will present you with a carousel containing all the books Doug and I have written thus far, which you will find surprising. You can click on covers, read the blurbs, reviews and browse inside, check the price and order it with the click of your mouse if you want it.

Also, take a look at photo album. You'll see images and people in Arabia and some places not too many have seen. Hoffman and I are in a few of the photos, revealing earlier years.


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