Home in a Dog-box

I worked 12 years in Saudi Arabia for an international company. Our task was to build a massive industrial city on the Red Sea coast. This entailed oil and gas pipelines, ports, refineries, down-stream industries, power and desal plants, infrastucture for tens of thousands of homes, schools, two hospitals, a college, 40 mosques, shopping and business plazas and more. Go to Google Earth, type "Yanbu Industrial City" and you'll see the product of our labors. In the earliest stage, we built living quarters for guys like me who would manage the project. These dwellings ranged from tents to classy walled villas. But it all took time to build a village for those who would build a city. The photo to the left was taken on the day I moved into an efficiency apartment, appropriately called a "dog-box." The villas hadn't been built yet, but once they were, our wives came in droves. I received my villa in year two. But check out the chaos surrounding the dog box. I am standing where a pristine desert once existed. We leveled it and modified nature to fit our needs. World-wide, we are altering nature's work. There is a limit to this practice that our planet will tolerate.

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