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Allen Simmons grew up on Buzzards Bay in New England town, Fairhaven, MA. After High School, he commercially fished on Georges Bank and had no plans to do anything else until he was drafted into the U.S. Army. The army was like a vacation after winters on Georges Bank, especially since he did eighteen glorious months in Germany. After the army, it took him six years to graduate from the Univ. of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, with degrees in English Literature and Electrical Engineering. When he went to work, It didn't take him long to become a VP in the military industrial complex world. He married wife Eleanor in Haiti and after bouncing around the Caribbean for a few years, he landed on St. Croix where he met Doug Hoffman. He and Hoffman did a few military projects, (Subs and aircraft) thence to Arabia. Doug being a perfectionist left Saudi and got his PhD. Though he lives in Arkansas and Allen and Eleanor live in Texas, it's like he's next door. Thanks to the Saudi project, Eleanor and Allen got to explore the world on a 30 foot sailboat. Here's an example. They would fly to Istanbul, then bounce down the coast in the sailboat to all those wonderful out-of-the-way places. Every little village they discovered greeted them like family. They have one continent left: Antarctica. Eleanor says she might go back to Sydney Australia instead. To sum it, one could understand why Simmons writes books.

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